Hi there - I'm a copywriter, marketer & social media prose-fessional...

I'm an ad-writing wizard, self-professed spelling and grammar junkie, have a Notes section brimming with ideas, eat creative briefs for lunch, and know that SEO does NOT stand for Start Editorial Over...! Want to see what wordy mischief we can get up to together?!

Do you copy?

I am a skilled writer able to produce excellent copy, quickly and in any tone of voice... and, I am well-versed in all things social media, from both the creative angle to community management.

Need a website refresh? Compelling ad copy? On-brand product copy? Blog posts that add real value? Inspiration and support with your LinkedIn content? Feature articles that align with SEO? Interviews? Profile pieces? Marketing campaigns? E-newsletters that hit the mark... and then some!? 

You get the point. Whatever you're working on, I have the words to make it look good! 

Das the Wordsmith

Handcrafted in London, designed by way of Sydney, I guess you could call me a vintage 'ready-to-write' item that is anything but 'off the rack' when it comes to content. I like to think differently and offer you something you won't have seen before.

I am an experienced content writer with over 15 years' experience both in house and consulting, across print and digital media, marketing, SEO and social media for lifestyle, financial services, fashion and beauty, entertainment and tech. I also execute creative writing and content planning ideas quickly and effectively. 

In my spare time I have sustained my own personally curated multi platform blog, www.threelittlehines.com since 2017 producing, editing and marketing all creative content online. With a lifestyle, entertainment and family focus.

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

Margaret Atwood