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Christie's King Street, Oct/Nov 2010

Furnish every area of your home, from your wine cellars to your clean white walls, with the November sales at Christie’s King Street.

From exquisite woven tapestries rich in history to vital works by Yeats, Blake and Moore; magnificent objects, Premier Cru wines and intricate jades - our collections are an invitation into the world of refined, thoughtful and eclectic interior decoration.

Our specialists reveal the fascinating histories and meanings behind a carefully selected group of tapestries...

Christie's King Street, Feb/March 2011

Collecting wine is a passion. The more one knows, the greater one’s depth of understanding, and the wider one’s horizons become. The owner of this collection has dedicated his passion to accruing not merely the classic, premier and grand cru estates, but hitherto lesser-known vineyards whose soaring reputation is the product of enterprise touched with genius. The sale marks a rare opportunity to benefit from the impeccable and careful curation of this deeply knowledgeable and educated collector.

Christie's South Kensington, Nov 2011

Cultural icons, beautiful elements of style and visual tales of adventure lead us through the month's ensemble, as the second portion of November sales presents a diverse array of objets d'art, memorabilia, fine art, jewels and literature. From intriguing detail in the Arms and Armour sale to Vintage Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags in the Elegance sale, the realm of detail, subject and style covers a vast spectrum of interest.

Performance, passion and showmanship come together...

Christie's Paris, Oct/Nov 2010

The first of the November sales really illustrates the marriage of text and images, whether in Lalla Essaydi’s stunning calligraphic work or in the beautiful illustrations by Miró and Schmied in textual scrolls and books. Furnitures, ceramics, sculpture and silver offered in the sale of 500 Years: Decorative Arts Europe, chart the superior craftsmanship and design that has evolved across Europe from as early as 1250 through to the 18th century.

Christie's Paris, May 2011

The May sales at Christie’s Paris trace the dynamic evolution of line and form across several mediums, movements and periods.

From Bugatti’s sculptural play with form in the sale of 20th Century Decorative Arts and the inventive experimentation of colours and techniques by artists leading the Impressionist and Modern Art selection, to the elegant lines of 1950s jewellery; we note the changing shape of art’s form, expanding to the mixed-media landscapes by Christo in the Post-War & Contemporary offering...

Christie's Amsterdam, Feb/March 2011

Colonial objets d’art, priceless 17th century gold and groundbreaking art fill the spring sales at Christie’s Amsterdam.

A time for reflection and reinvention, the unique collection of Barbara and René Stoeltie offers intriguing concepts for updating an interior, revealing combinations of ultra modern works alongside neoclassical sculpture and ornaments. Meanwhile the traditional rituals of the colonial Dutch Indies are reborn in a stunning array of silver and furniture...

The Working Mothers Club — three little hines

Mum of two, Dionne, is the founder and director of Polkadot Communications, a consumer PR agency delivering strategic communications and campaigns for its clients to secure media coverage and build up their brand profile. Dionne started her business almost 13 years ago.

Her girls were born into the business, so to speak, and immersing them in that part of her life is incredibly important to Dionne. “They won’t remember this but they have been in the office since they were both a few weeks’ old

When will I be Insta-famous?! —

Ok so we’re at a stage where just about everyone has an insta account and more and more businesses rely on it completely. So the dream is to have as many followers as possible right? Maybe to some, but with the continuous flood of bots and ghosts and god knows what else on the gram, it’s come to so much more than just numbers.

So here are my top 5 tips to growing (or in better words) “developing” your Instagram account.

Stay real. The more genuine you are the better as your audience can relate

Lessons in Paperkrane — three little hines

When your child starts school it is just as momentous a milestone as their first steps, but though their feet may have grown some in the interim, that barefoot feeling is still just as important for their development. Enter Paperkrane. Pioneers of kids footwear, this Melbourne-based brand had its beginnings on the back of a sewing machine and limited runs of the most ingenious baby booties you’ve ever seen. Fast forward 8 years, add a business partner and a Vietnamese factory and this incredible

Mums Schooling Mums — three little hines

Advice from Mums who’ve been there, done that and bought the polo shirt!

This is real mums sharing the hard truths from their personal experiences sending their kids to school for the first time, what they learnt through the process and tips and hacks they discovered along the way. At the end of the day, every child and every family is unique so what affects one person will remain an eternal mystery to another. Have a read, maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you’ll empathise and relate with an

Diary of a Lunchbox Guru — three little hines

What to put in your kids’ lunchbox is possibly one of the biggest concerns parents have when it comes to the start of a new school year, particularly if you’re a first timer. Fussy eating doesn’t necessarily disappear in the face of a brand new lunchbox and school uniform. Between that and the many dietary stipulations we as parents must abide by, shopping for and curating the contents of our children’s lunch box can be as stressful as the act of sending them off to school in the first place. So

Tips for First Time School Parents — three little hines

The thought of your child starting school can elicit panic, concern, excitement, dread and a whole host of other emotions as you prepare for the unknown of classroom structures, new friends, the possibility of bullying, school lunches, school uniform and so much more. All this and more went through my head when my eldest began her academic journey so I thought I’d share my experience with you in the hopes that it may ease your transition into school-parent a little easier.

I’ll save you further

Hashtag Cyber Security — three little hines

When it comes to being addicted to technology, one of the main outlets for that is social media? We the #momsofinstagram are channelling that tree in the proverbial forest because if our 5,436 followers didn’t see our emotional breakdown during the latest episode of Love Island, well then, did it really happen? But, while it may be fine for us to post the minutiae of our days for public consumption, what line should we be drawing when it comes to our children?

Should there be a regulating body
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